Transportation Management Committee

Mission Statement

Introduction and Background

     This Committee was created by action of the Board on 10/21/19.  It includes five at-large representatives and four members to be designated from each of the following Town Committees:  Planning Board, Bikeway and Pedestrian Committee, Historical Commission and Disability Commission.   


     This Committee is to convene upon all members being appointed and designated.  They are to select a Chair, Vice-Chair and Recording Secretary from their membership and will designate an agreeable meeting date, time and place and will post all Committee meetings, prepare and approve minutes consistent with the Commonwealth Open Meeting Law.

The Committee is charged with:

  • Reviewing and analyzing all aspects of the Town’s transportation system in close collaboration and involvement with appropriate Town staff members having responsibility in transportation-related areas;
  • Identifying transportation issues affecting the Town and proposing potential solutions for consideration by the Board of Selectmen;
  • Coordinating suggested transportation-related actions with the Departments of Public Works and Planning, and facilitating input from other involved Town Committees and departments, including Police and Fire, and regional agencies including the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority and the Cape Cod Commission;
  • Reviewing the current Transportation Master Plan to identify and evaluate potential transportation solutions to downtown and village areas and other major transportation sensitive areas of Town, including potential solutions intended to address issues such as parking management, truck deliveries, wayfinding and other signage and environmental concerns;
  • Prepare and present annually to the Board of Selectmen a comprehensive summary report on recommended actions to address and alleviate critical transportation-related issues of a large and significant nature.
  • Other specific transportation-related requests that may be made from time-to-time by the Board of Selectmen.  

Adopted by Board of Selectmen on 2-24-2020


  • Alison Leschen - 2022
  • Edward J. DeWitt - 2022
  • Jane F. Perry - 2021
  • Ralph Herbst - 2020
  • Vacant - At-Large Position - 2021
  • Paul Dreyer - Planning Board Representative - 2020
  • Chris McGuire - Bikeways Committee Representative - 2020
  • TBD - Historical Commission Representative - 2020
  • Paul Grunden - Commission on Disabilities Representative - 2020