Water Department


Our mission is to provide the Town with safe, potable drinking water through careful management and operation of the existing sources of water, and through ongoing maintenance and operation of the distribution system.


The water department has taken precautions in the face of the COVID-19 threat to minimize the risk to staff and to optimize our resources to operate the system and to repair any leaks that occur during this period of social distancing and self quarantine.   With our state of the art treatment plant, utilizing both ozone and hypochlorite as a disinfectant, we destroy all virus and bacteria, including COVID-19 - the water is safe to drink.  Additionally with our control system we are able to disperse the operators to four separate locations so that they are not in contact with each other on a daily basis, reducing the risk of one operator infectiong another to virtually zero.  We are also in regular contact with the DEP regarding required and essential operations.  For the immediate future we have suspended the installation of new meters in homes, testing of back flow devices in buildings, and back flow surveys.  We are continuing to sample the water system at multiple locations in accordance with our sampling program.  We ask that you do all requests and or communications with this department by phone, or email as our facilities are closed to the public at this time.  

​​Water Bills   (3/20/20)

The November 2019 and the May 2020  water bills look different from the water bills you have recieved in the past.   For a detailed guide to what each of the items on the bill represent and how to check the calculations that are used to determine the amount used and amount owed please follow the link: http://www.falmouthmass.us/1026/Water-and-Sewer-Billing-Information 

Main Street and Route 28 Water Main  (4/3/20)

We will have two work crews next week.  One installing 16 inch Main on Davis Straits and one installing services on Main Street.

Crew 1 will be working on the segment of Davis Straits from Dillingham back to the AutoZone installing the 16 inch main.  When we get to AutoZone we will have completed all of the big pipe installation. We will be following the State Highway Permit for this work – maintaining one lane of traffic, paving at the end of each work day. 

Crew 2 will be installing new water services, installing fire services, hydrants.   With the 16 inch main installed, pressure tested, chlorinated and ready for use we will be moving existing services off the old main and on to the new main.  We will start at Locust Street and proceed eastward down Main Street.  We will notify affected residences the day before that there will be about a 1 hour period that water service will be interrupted as we transfer over the service.  The Main Street Work will start off with a detour of traffic to Palmer Ave followed later in the week by a detour of traffic between the Post Office and Peg Noonan Park to Katherine Lee Bates Road.

Go to 
 http://www.falmouthmass.us/986/Traffic-Updates  to see the latest traffic plan. To be on the project notification list for weekly updates,  email steve.rafferty@falmouthma.gov. 

Backflow Prevention - Public Notice (2/13/20)

 Homeowners need to be sure that if they have underground irrigation that there is an approved backflow device between the water suppy and the irrigation system.  For more info contact our backflow coordinator Mr. Kyle Swanstrom at Kyle.Swanstrom@Falmouthma.gov .

Water Quality - Lead and Copper (7/12/19)

Every Spring and Fall the Water Department, as part of its corrosion control program, samples the tap water at selected homes for lead and copper.   sixty homes need to be sampled to have a large enough sample set to be statistically valid.   We are looking for homeowners that are willing to participate in the sampling program.  Your home must have been constructed prior to 1983 to be eligible.   Interested? Email(falmouthleadsampling@falmouthma.gov).   We will provide you with additional information and would want to conduct a visit to confirm that your piping has lead based solder.

Lead is not from the source water, but is present in the piping in older homes and may leach into the water if the water is stagnant for a long period of time.  For more detailed information open and read the documents on the right titled "Sampling for lead at your house's tap" and the 2017 public education brochure - lead". 

Water Supply -  (7/12/19)

Your water is supplied from several sources. To see a map click on the document link for Water Resource Areas on the right side of this page.  There is also a graphic "2019 Water Pumped by Source" that shows which sources supply water and how much on a month by month basis
  • Long Pond  is a protected surface water reservoir. It is our primary sources, and has been since 1898.  During the summer of 2019 it supplied over 80% of our daily water needs..
  • The Crooked Pond Water Plant treats water from both the Crooked Pond Well and the Coonamessett Well and provided 16.7% of the water in 2018.
  • Mares Pond Well provided  3.0% of our water in 2018.
  • From the Upper Cape Regional Water Co-op, we obtain water from wells located on the northern side of the Cape. In 2018 the Town obtained 10.8% of the total supply from this source.

Water Treatment (5/17/18)

All sources are disinfected with sodium hypochlorite and treated with sodium hydroxide to provide pH adjustment. The average pH of the water in the system is approximately 8.0.   Water  delivered to your residence through our transmission and storage system, comprised of 398 miles of water main, 4 water storage tanks and approximately 22,000 service connections.