Water Department


Our mission is to provide the Town with safe, potable drinking water through careful management and operation of the existing sources of water, and through ongoing maintenance and operation of the distribution system.

​​Water Bills have a new look  (11/22/19)

The November water bills should have arrived at your home this week. They will look different from the water bills you have recieved in the past.  Over the last 8 months we have implemented a new billing software that gives the department a better ability to access data and respond to and answer questions you may have on usage and billing.  For a detailed guide to what each of the items on the bill represent and how to check the calculations that are used to determine the amount used and amount owed please follow the link: http://www.falmouthmass.us/1026/Water-and-Sewer-Billing-Information 

Main Street and Route 28 Water Main  (12/20/19)

We start up with the water main construction again tomorrow, December 31 on Main Street just passed the village green. Until we get to Post Office Lane we will have alternating one way traffic – expect some delays.
Once we get to Post Office Lane and as we proceed over the next few weeks down main street we will be closing down the road on a block by block basis during the daytime. We expect to install a least 150 feet each day will need 3-4 days for each block of work. Pavement is only available one day each week, typically this will be Friday.  We will backfill and compact the trench each night but travel will be a little rough – similar to the work we did on Palmer Ave from Coffee O to the Green.
Parking will be prohibited within the block that we are working on.   This is an inconvenience – however it allows us to get through each block in ½ the time it would take if cars were parking in that area.
As always, we appreciate your understanding as we create a mess and upgrade the water system downtown.

http://www.falmouthmass.us/986/Traffic-Updates  for see the latest traffic plan. To be on a project notification list email steve.rafferty@falmouthma.gov.  


Backflow Prevention - Public Notice (7/12/19)

We recently sent a notice to all users to educate them on how to avoid a backflow event.  Homeowners need to be sure that if they have underground irrigation that there is an approved backflow device between the water suppy and the irrigation system.  For more info see the informational documents to the right.

Water Quality - Lead and Copper (7/12/19)

Every Spring and Fall the Water Department, as part of its corrosion control program, samples the tap water at selected homes for lead and copper.   sixty homes need to be sampled to have a large enough sample set to be statistically valid.   We are looking for homeowners that are willing to participate in the sampling program.  Your home must have been constructed prior to 1983 to be eligible.   Interested? Email(falmouthleadsampling@falmouthma.gov).   We will provide you with additional information and would want to conduct a visit to confirm that your piping has lead based solder.

Lead is not from the source water, but is present in the piping in older homes and may leach into the water if the water is stagnant for a long period of time.  For more detailed information open and read the documents on the right titled "Sampling for lead at your house's tap" and the 2017 public education brochure - lead". 

Water Supply -  (7/12/19)

Your water is supplied from several sources. To see a map click on the document link for Water Resource Areas on the right side of this page.
  • Long Pond  is a protected surface water reservoir. It is our primary sources, and has been since 1898.  During this summer it supplied over 80% of our daily water needs..
  • The Crooked Pond Water Plant treats water from both the Crooked Pond Well and the Coonamessett Well and provided 16.7% of the water in 2018.
  • Mares Pond Well provided  3.0% of our water in 2018.
  • From the Upper Cape Regional Water Co-op, we obtain water from wells located on the northern side of the Cape. In 2018 the Town obtained 10.8% of the total supply from this source.

Water Treatment (5/17/18)

All sources are disinfected with sodium hypochlorite and treated with sodium hydroxide to provide pH adjustment. The average pH of the water in the system is approximately 8.0.   Water  delivered to your residence through our transmission and storage system, comprised of 398 miles of water main, 4 water storage tanks and approximately 22,000 service connections.