Current Status

Current Status of PRB Demonstration Project

CDM Smith was selected to help plan a PRB Demonstration Project for Falmouth. The scope of work included:
  • Research existing PRB knowledge base.
  • Identify anticipated permitting requirements related to the use of PRBs as a long-term municipal wastewater solution.
  • Identify potential impact to the environment down-gradient of a PRB.
  • Evaluate sub-watershed areas for a PRB in the selected estuarine watersheds [West Falmouth Harbor Watershed, and all the watersheds in the High Priority Nitrogen Management Area].
  • Identify up to two dozen potential PRB locations in the sub-areas.
  • Define permitting requirements and other neighborhood factors for each selected sub-area.
  • Screen down to 5 locations for consideration for a full demonstration, one in West Falmouth and the remaining four in East Falmouth coastal area; prepare a preliminary design and cost estimate for each.
  • Recommend 2 sites for PRB demonstration projects, one is West Falmouth and one in East Falmouth.