Denitrifying (I/A) Systems

Denitrifying septic systems are also termed Innovative and Alternative (I/A) systems. I/A Septic Systems have been installed across the Cape as a means to reduce nitrogen output. The Barnstable County Department of Health and Environment (BCDHE) has been instrumental in testing and validating the performance of these system. The WQMC and staff have been working with the BCDHE to review best off-the-shelf, and late-stage prototype I/A systems to determine the efficacy and cost of these systems.

There is an easily understood, yet comprehensive discussion of the various I/A systems that have been tested on the BCDHE website. All of the data that has been collected on the performance of the many I/A systems installed on the Cape are also available online.

Details regarding findings relevant to Falmouth will be posted on this page soon!