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Recycle and Curbside Pickup Problems (From DPW Waste Management Facility)
If you have a question or problem with curbside trash and recycle pickup, call Republic Services 1-800-352-7808.
StarStarStarPotassium Iodide Tablet Availability (From Health Department)
2013-08-29 to 2020-08-31
Free potassium iodide tablets are available to the public at the Town Clerk's office in Town Hall during regular business hours. Store tablets properly. The potassium iodide tablets available now will expire in the year 2020. Please go to Health Department page and click on links, then click on "Potassium Iodide" for additional information.
StarStarStar Free Flu Clinic-All Residents (From Health Department)
2015-09-16 to 2015-10-15
A free flu clinic for the public is scheduled for Wednesday, October 14, 2015, at the Gus Canty Recreation Center, 790 East Main Street, from 3:00 PM to 6 PM. This clinic is for everyone 6 months and older. This is a free clinic and insurance is not required, but if you have health insurance or Medicare part B, please bring your health or medical insurance information with you to the clinic to complete the consent form. .
StarStarStarStarStar2015 Transient slip reservations (From Town Marina - Seasonal/Transient Slips)
We will begin accepting 2015 Transient Slip Reservations on Monday, April 6th @ 9:00am. You must have javascript enabled on your computer in order to make an online reservation. Click here for Reservations.
StarStarStarStarMosquito alert! (From Health Department)
2012-08-13 to 2014-11-30
West Nile Virus was detected in mosquitos captured in a pool of water near Woods Hole in August of 2015. Mosquitos are able to breed in puddles and containers or small objects that collect rain water. Please be advised that residents should perform regular inspections of outdoor areas under their control to eliminate all standing water. This includes removing water from toys, tools, equipment and other objects that may catch rain water and taking actions to prevent water from collecting. Mosquitos are able to breed in these small pools of water until the winter.