Beach Department Minutes

Beach Department Minutes for: 04-18-2012
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Falmouth Beach Committee Minutes
Meeting Minutes of April 18, 2012

Present Absent Others Present
Jason Chorches Don Hoffer
Paul Miskovsky Bruce Mogardo
Charlie LoGuidice Julian Suso David Braga
Dan Shearer
Lorraine Luchner Paula Lichter Carol Ann Cronon
Robert Cronon Linda Davis
Jim Vieira
Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Jason.

Motion by Charlie, second by Jason to accept the minutes of the meeting of 3/21/12. So voted.

Correspondence: A letter forwarded from the Selectman’s Office, written by Clayton Moore, raising concerns about the condition of Bournes Pond as a result of nourishing Menauhant Beach.

Public Forum: Dave Braga spoke about the license agreement with Casino/Messina concerning funds potentially being used to enhance the Heights neighborhood. He said that Mr. Duffy would give an opinion concerning the use of these funds for the construction of a handicap ramp for the Heights Beach. Pat Harris, from Mr. Duffy’s office said that the use of these funds for sand nourishment for the Heights Beach falls more to maintenance rather than enhancement. She suggested a meeting with representatives from the Town and the Casino to discuss future uses for these funds.

Julian Suso said that he is looking forward to working with the Beach Committee and the Beach Department regarding Capital projects such as the Mitchell Bathhouse. He stated that the Capital Exclusion list scheduled for the May ballot would provide a “shot in the arm” for many departments including the Beach Department. Additionally, he stated that he is pleased to be working with Selectman Braga on beach projects. Charlie asked about grants for the beaches. Julian said that he has spoken to the Board of Selectman about selective approval of grants so as to prevent committing the Town to unforeseen costs.

Dan Shearer said that he did not have anything to say at this time.

Paula Lichter, speaking as a representative of the Heights-Maravista Improvement Association, stated that Lorraine Luchner would be the Association liaison to the Beach Committee and the Beach Department. She also inquired about the nighttime use of the Heights lot for the summer of 2012. Don explained that the BBC had agreed to pay for half of the funds needed to run the lot in the same way it ran last summer. Don further said that the Town will pay the other half and that the same men have agreed to work the lot. Paula also asked about Beach Department “wish list” for donations. Don said that the beaches could use a new handicap beach chair and a new defibrillator. Don will send Lorraine a list of needed donations.

Carol Ann and Robert Cronon requested a change in beach sticker policy to allow her 94-year-old blind father to get to the beach. Don explained the beach sticker policy and stated that he had offered to give them a hand held sticker. He also added that her father must be present to use the hand held card. Jason will put the matter on the agenda for the next meeting.

Jim Vieira raised his concern about the policy of live parking in the street adjacent to Chapoquiot Beach. Don explained that the Beach Department has no jurisdiction outside of the parking lot. Don will check with the Police Department to see if signage could be installed stating “No Live Parking”.

Linda Davis thanked the Beach Committee and the Beach Department for their support in getting the trailer for Menauhant Beach. Additionally, she asked the Committee to explore more permanent solutions for Menauhant Beach toilet facilities and to determine who would be responsible to maintain the unit. Further, she requested, if the debt exclusion passes, that a sign be installed saying “excuse our appearance”. She also suggested the use of composting toilets for the beach. Don said that he has been to two Eco-toilet meetings and has failed to get support for using composting units at Menauhant Beach.

Status of Handicapped Ramp at Old Silver Public: Don explained that the ramp was completed today. He added that 2/3 of funding was a result of a grant from Barnstable County. The Commission on Disabilities donated the remaining funds.

Menauhant Beach erosion: Don said that the situation was at a stand still. It was suggested that Don and the DPW go to the ConCom to identify the steps to mitigate the current condition of Menauhant Beach. Don added that, if nothing is done, the critical area will need to be closed to swimming and that the area will need to be roped off and signage installed.

Falmouth Heights Parking lot closing: Don explained the funding for the nightly lot attendants and stated that the format would be the same as last summer. The Town will pay half of the funds needed and the BBC will donate the remaining half.

Update on the Septic System at Old Silver (resident): Don said that a straight pipe has been installed from the building to the existing cesspool in the dune. Don added that the Health Department asked that an alarm be installed and that pump outs be increased. Further, the Water Department will be installing water meters at all outlets to measure water usage. Bruce added that portable toilet units would still be needed since two toilets for each gender would not meet the needs of the throngs of people using the beach.

Recap of Spring Town Meeting; Ellen Mitchell capital item: Don credits Julian Suso for putting the beach issues in the forefront at Town Meeting.

Status of memorial HC ramp at Old Silver resident: The Gallagher family would like to construct a new handicapped ramp as a memorial to their son. Don met with the Town’s Engineering Department and Joe Brait from the Sheriff’s Department to discuss detailed plans and a material list. Don will seek approval from all necessary town boards.

Old Stone Dock “Open House” at Mitchell Bathhouse: The Old Stone Dock Association will be holding an open house fundraiser on June 9, 2012. The public is invited to attend and to see the condition of the beach and bathhouse.

Status of BC vacancy: Don was informed that one candidate is interested in joining the Beach Committee. She will be interviewed at the Selectman’s Meeting to be held on April 23, 2012. Don also noted that the candidate has stated that she is not available on Wednesdays.

Motion to adjourn by Paul, second by Charlie. So voted
Next meeting will be May 16, 2012 at 7:00 PM in the Harbor Master’s Office.