Displaying FAQ for Natural Resources.

Q. Where can I get a fishing license?
A. You can buy a fishing license at Falmouth Bait & Tackle Co., 258 Teaticket Hwy., 508-457-0700 or Eastman's Sport & Tackle, 783 Main St., 508-548-6900
Q. What is open for Shellfishing?
A. Dial 508-495-7334 for recorded listing.
Q. Where do I get Shellfish and Herring Permits?
A. Shellfish and herring permits are sold at the Tax Collector's Window in Falmouth Town Hall during regular office hours.
Q. Where do I get a copy of the shellfish and Herring Regulations?
A. General regulations may be picked up at the Collector's Window in Falmouth Town Hall. General regulations are posted at the Town Hall, Falmouth Main Public Library, East Falmouth Library, North Falmouth Library, and West Falmouth Library. Open Area lists and maps are posted at Town Hall, Megansett Harbor Parking Lot, West Falmouth Harbor Boat Ramp, and Seapit Landing in Waquoit Bay.
Q. Do I need a permit to take crabs?
A. Permits are not required to take crabs. Any one may take up to 50 crabs per day from any water body. You may take crabs from areas that are closed to shellfishing and you may take them at night. This fishery is controled by the Division of Marine Fisheries. Crabs must be 4 1/8 inches wide and must not have eggs to be taken.