Little Pond Sewer Project - Planned Construction For the Next Month

Little Pond Sewer Service Area Construction Update for week of March 27th, 2017:

- The pavement was milled on Maravista Avenue, Maravista Avenue Extension and a number of Maravista peninsula side roads in the week of March 20th. Maravista Avenue and Maravista Avenue Extension are open but are marked as a Construction Area, with uneven road surfaces and raised castings (frames and covers).

- If you do need to drive on the Maravista peninsula, please reduce speed, use caution and communicate with the police officer on the site if you need to get by an active work area:

- In the week of March 27th, the Town’s Contractor plans to pulverize the existing asphalt on the following roads: Chestnut Street East and West, Oak Street East and West, Harrington Street West, and Montauk Street West.

- In addition, the Contractor will be working in Maravista Avenue and in many other Maravista peninsula roads adjusting castings (frames and covers) to final grade.

- Once all the roads have been prepared (milled or pulverized and graded, and castings raised), the Town’s Contractor will begin paving, installing first binder then top coat.

- Paving is expected to begin in the first week of April and take an additional two to three weeks to complete. Pavement markings, clean up and restoration will follow.

- Full width final paving in Route 28/Davis Straits from Casa Vallarta (the Mexican restaurant on the west side of Davis Straits) to Scranton Avenue is planned for late April/beginning of May. Additional information will be provided as the time for that approaches.

- All LPSSA project-related paving work is expected to be completed by the second week of May, or earlier if possible.