Little Pond Sewer Service Area Project

  • Little Pond Sewer Service Area Construction Update – Maravista peninsula final paving process to begin Monday March 20th, 2017

  • The Little Pond Sewer Service Area (LPSSA) Project is nearing completion. The goal of this project is to improve water quality in Little Pond.

    The project includes connection of approximately 1400 properties on the Maravista peninsula and the eastern portion of Falmouth Heights to the existing Town sewer system, construction of approximately 16 miles of sewer pipe (gravity main, low pressure main, and force main), and construction of two new sewer lift stations, one at the end of Alphonse Street and one on Spring Bars Road.

    In addition to the Little Pond Sewer Service Area Project, three other related projects have recently been completed: Construction of two new treated wastewater recharge beds north of the existing recharge beds at the Town's Main Wastewater Treatment Plant at 154 Blacksmithshop Road, construction of upgrades to the Main Wastewater Treatment Plant, and construction of upgrades at the three existing wastewater lift stations affected by the Little Pond Sewer Service Area flow.

    These projects were funded by Town Meeting Article 28 in April 2014.

  • Little Pond Sewer Service Area Project - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Update as of 12/5/16:
    • The Town’s LPSSA Contractor Robert B. Our Company has completed the installation of all sewer mains and sewer laterals in the LPSSA project area. Sewer system testing, clean-up, restoration and other miscellaneous work required to complete the project will continue this winter and as needed in the spring.

    • Before the Town can make the remaining portions of the system available for connection, the sewers must pass all inspections and the Town must have complete as-built record drawing information for the system. The Town will send a letter to Little Pond Service Area property owners when the remaining portions of the LPSSA are available for sewer connection (expected spring 2017). Property owners will have a year after the letter is sent to connect to the sewer system.

    • Final paving of some Maravista streets will occur in the spring of 2017, after sufficient time has elapsed for settlement to occur. Maravista Avenue Extension from Mattapan to Nickerson, and Maravista Avenue from Nickerson to the southern end will receive full width milling and overlay paving in the spring.

    • A Verification Letter was mailed to all LPSSA Property owners in late October, for use in applying for a Title V Tax Credit, if applicable

    • This Memo provides some information about the letter and the Tax Credit; however, this is for general information only. Please Consult a Tax Advisor for individual applicability
    Update 7/20/16:

    The Little Pond Sewer Service Area Combined Permit process is available online. The Town is now accepting permit applications for the Falmouth Heights portion of the Little Pond Sewer Service Area. At the top of the Town's website, under Important Announcements/Little Pond Sewer Service Area, there is now an Apply for Permit link.

    Click here for a map of LPSSA Properties for Which Sewer is Available June 2016

    Click here for information on the Combined Permit Process

    Click here for information on Grinder Pumps

    Testing New Alphonse St Lift Station with Water 10-26-16
    Installing Stormwater Catch Basin Maravista Ave 10-26-16
    Residential Grinder Pump Unit Being Installed in Falmouth Heights 10-26-16
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