Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan Review Co

Subdivision ofBoard of Selectmen
ChairmanVirginia Valiela
Location59 Town Hall Sq
Falmouth, MA 02540
Meeting ScheduleAgenda from 10/26/2010
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The Board of Selectmen hereby creates a Plan Review Committee for the purpose of reviewing the proposed Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan (CWMP). The Committee will conduct public forums to engage local residents, solicit public input to provide to the Board of Selectmen. The Plan Review Committee will make recommendations to support, revise and augment the Plan in a manner that reflects a broad community understanding and public endorsement of the Plan to meet established water quality standards in the Town’s coastal embayments.

In conducting a critical review of the CWMP the Plan Review Committee will conduct interviews and meetings with Town Officials, consulting engineers or any other parties who may have relevant knowledge or information concerning wastewater management in Falmouth.
The Committee shall conduct its business in posted open meetings at all times and will work with a project facilitator selected by the Board of Selectmen to hold a minimum of three (3) public forums to engage local residents and to solicit public input and feedback on the Plan.
The Board of Selectmen has determined that the following areas require further examination and public review, based on initial feedback on the plan:
• Total project cost, financing and apportionment
• Implementation schedule and phasing
• Wastewater Service Areas
• Wastewater Treatment technologies, including the feasibility of so-called “innovative and alternative” or other decentralized technologies for meeting established water quality standards.
• Proposed sites for treatment
• Treated Wastewater recharge or discharge technologies and sites
• Wastewater collection and transmission technology
• Non-wastewater nitrogen management alternatives
The Committee shall further review additional issues and elements of the plan as may emerge through its technical review.
At the conclusion of its deliberations, the Committee shall issue a written report to the Board of Selectmen containing recommendations about the Draft Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan. Projected completion date: September 30, 2010.