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Form A - Application For Endorsement of Plan Not to Require Approval (ANR)

  1. Date:

  2. To the Planning Board:

    The undersigned, believing that the accompanying plan of land in the Town of Falmouth does not constitute a subdivision within the meaning of the Subdivision Control Law, herewith submits said plan to the Planning Board for a determination and endorsement that Planning Board approval under the Subdivision Control Law is not required.

  3. NOTE:

    File one (1) completed application with the Planning Board and one (1) copy with the Town Clerk, in accordance with the requirements of Section 81P and 81T of Chapter 41 of the General Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This application is to be accompanied by a plan on mylar, along with three full size paper copies for the Planning Board. The plan must be of the size and contain the data required by the Falmouth Subdivision Regulations.

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