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Posted on: June 19, 2018

Community Housing Forum

Town of Falmouth



When: Thursday, July 12th at 5:30 p.m.

Where:  Falmouth Public Library, Hermann Foundation Meeting Room, 300 Main Street

 The Town of Falmouth has embarked upon an effort to prepare a Housing Production Plan (HPP) that will suggest a range of options to bring Falmouth closer to the state’s 10% affordability goal from the current level of 6.45%.  The new HPP will also present a proactive housing agenda of Town-sponsored initiatives to meet pressing local housing needs.

  • This planning effort builds on recent local and regional work to better understand the current housing dynamic including housing needs and demands.  Falmouth, as well as other communities throughout the Cape, has been confronting a combination of demographic and economic forces that threaten the very character of the community including increasing housing costs, a limited range of housing options, the allure of Cape Cod, an aging population, and a largely service-oriented employment base.  These forces have made the town a magnet for affluent retirees and seasonal residents in tandem with a loss of young people because they cannot find work or year-round housing that they can afford.  The Town recognizes that its local economy cannot thrive without the capacity to house workers at a variety of skill and wage levels that support not only local tourism but also local residents, many who are aging and will be requiring more instead of fewer services.  
  • As the Housing Production Plan will document, there are segments of the community which are struggling due to limited financial means or other unmet special needs.  More recent and projected demographic shifts will continue to challenge Town efforts to address housing priorities which are so tied to issues of social equity and economic development.

This planning effort represents a proactive approach on the part of the Town to achieve the following local affordable housing and community planning objectives:

  • Offer greater local control over affordable housing development, since communities that make sufficient progress in implementing an HPP will have the ability to deny Chapter 40B comprehensive permit applications that they determine to be inappropriate or not reflective of local needs.
  • Provide updated documentation on important demographic and economic trends that have a bearing on future local and regional housing needs.
  • Provide a detailed analysis of the local and regional housing dynamic, analyzing how market prices affect residents’ ability to pay based on various income levels and target populations.
  • Analyze potential regulatory and development opportunities to help diversify local housing to address the range of identified local housing needs.
  • Identify what resources are available to support affordable housing development and how the Town can most strategically leverage local investment. 
  • Offer a useful educational tool to help dispel misinformation and negative stereotypes regarding affordable housing and galvanize local public support for new housing initiatives.
  • Demonstrate the community’s intent to proactively address local housing issues to the state and other funding entities.

The Falmouth Affordable Housing Committee is sponsoring a Community Housing Forum to present what the Town has learned thus far regarding the shifts in demographic and housing trends and needs.  The meeting will also include a special program to get the perspectives of participants on the Town‘s future housing agenda.

The meeting will be held in the Hermann Foundation Meeting Room at the Falmouth Public Library on 300 Main Street on Thursday, July 12th at 5:30 p.m.  For more information contact Carla Feroni, Falmouth Housing Coordinator, at (508) 548-7611 x 7344.  This is the first of two public meetings.  Light refreshments will be served.


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