Falmouth Rotational Aquaculture Plan

The Town of Falmouth is seeking input from commercial shellfishermen regarding a rotational aquaculture plan and the potential locations for private rotational aquaculture licenses. 

A meeting will be held on June 28th at 5:30 PM in the Hermann Foundation Meeting Room at the Falmouth Public Library. Your input and participation is encouraged.

The Town of Falmouth has prepared this draft Rotational Aquaculture Plan with extensive input from community stakeholders including private aquaculture and commercial wild harvest representatives. After a detailed resource assessment, several sites for aquaculture have been identified. A key aspect of these aquaculture sites is a rotational model for operation. Rotational aquaculture sites are recommended in the following estuaries:
  • Megansett Harbor
  • Rands Canal
  • Quissett Harbor
  • Great Pond
  • Bournes Pond
  • Waquoit Bay/Eel Pond
The full Plan as well as a summary Fact Sheet are available using the links below: