Next Election

2019 Annual Town Election Schedule


February 25th

Nomination papers available


March 29th

Last day to obtain nomination papers (51)


April 2nd

Last day to return nomination papers (49)


April 5th

Drawing for ballot position


April 18th

Last day to withdraw from Election (33)


May 1st

Last day to register to vote for Annual Town Election(20)


May 21st


                                 TOWN WIDE OFFICES

Selectman (elect two)                                                     for three years

Town Clerk (elect one)                                                   for three years

Trustee of the Public Library (elect two)                    for three years

Trustee of the Public Library (elect one)                   for two years

Planning Board (elect two)                                           for three years

School Committee (elect three)                                  for three years

Falmouth Housing Authority (elect one)                   for five years

                              TOWN MEETING MEMBERS

Elect nine in each Precinct                                          for three years

Elect one in Precinct Two                                            for one year

Elect one in Precinct Three                                         for one year

Elect one in Precinct Five                                            for one year

Elect one in Precinct Six                                              for one year

Elect one in Precinct Eight                                          for two year

Town wide offices are required to collect 50 signatures from registered voters of the Town of Falmouth.

Town Meeting Members are required to collect 10 signatures from registered voters in the Precinct they are registered to vote.

Town Meeting Members who are candidates for re-election do not need to take out nomination papers, but must return Notice mailed to them by the Town Clerk. 


The order in which names of candidates, including incumbents, appear on the ballot will be determined by a public drawing on April 5th at 10 a.m. in the Town Clerk’s Office.

MAY 21, 2019

Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm

      Precinct 1:        Town Hall
59 Town Hall Square

Precinct 2:        John DeMello Senior Center
300 Dillingham Avenue

Precinct 3:        Falmouth High School Gymnasium
874 Gifford Street

Precinct 4:        St. Anthony's Lodge Building
167 East Falmouth Highway

 Precinct 5:        North Falmouth Congregational Church Hall
59 Old Main Road

 Precinct 6:        Falmouth High School Gymnasium
874 Gifford Street

 Precinct 7:        Waquoit Congregational Church Hall
15 Parsons Lane

 Precinct 8:        Navigator Club
55 Ashumet Road

 Precinct 9:        Jewish Congregation Community Center
7 Hatchville Road