Next Election

The State Senate voted to postpone the March 31st Special Sate Election until May 19th. ALL Absentee Ballots willl be held until May 19th and counted at that time. You will be able to vote in person on May 19th as long as your Absentee Ballot has not already been processed by poll workers.  This obviously could still change depending on the status of the COVID-19 virus.

 SPECIAL STATE ELECTION March 31, 2020(to replace State Senator Vinny deMacdo)

Legislation passed on Monday March 23rd will allow for Early Voting by mail in both The Special State Election and the Annual Town Election scheduled for May 19th


May 19th

State Senate General Election


May 19th

Annual Town Election


September 1st

State Primary


November 3rd Presidential Election


Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm

      Precinct 1:        Town Hall
59 Town Hall Square

Precinct 2:        John DeMello Senior Center
300 Dillingham Avenue

Precinct 3:        Falmouth High School Gymnasium
874 Gifford Street

Precinct 4:        St. Anthony's Lodge Building
167 East Falmouth Highway

 Precinct 5:        North Falmouth Congregational Church Hall
59 Old Main Road

 Precinct 6:        Falmouth High School Gymnasium
874 Gifford Street

 Precinct 7:        Waquoit Congregational Church Hall
15 Parsons Lane

 Precinct 8:        Navigator Club
55 Ashumet Road

 Precinct 9:        Jewish Congregation Community Center
7 Hatchville Road