Departments T - Z

  1. Town Accountant's Office

    The Town Accountant works with management and Town officials to establish and maintain sound financial policies, controls and the Town’s credit rating.

  2. Town Clerk

    The Town Clerk's office is responsible for the maintenance of factual public records. It records all the Town Meeting decisions, the actions of the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, and Board of Selectmen.

  3. Town Counsel

    The Office of Town Counsel provides general legal services to the Town and its boards, committees, and departments.

  4. Town Manager

    The Town Manager is the chief administrative officer of the town and is responsible for administering and coordinating all employees, activities and departments placed by general law, this Town Charter or bylaw under the control of the Board of Selectmen and the Town Manager.

  5. Town Marina - Seasonal/Transient Slips

    The Town Marina consists of 100 slips, the Tide's Bulkhead, the Davis Bulkhead, and 4 slips in Green Pond. We also operate the Commercial Dock in Great Harbor Woods Hole.

  6. Town Treasurer/Collector

    The Town Treasurer maintains accounts and investments, borrowing and funding.

  7. Trees, Parks, Forestry & School Grounds

    The Trees, Parks, Forestry and School Grounds Department is primarily responsible for most of the municipally owned grounds, open spaces, public shade trees, and town owned cemeteries.

  8. Veterans' Services

    The Veterans' Services Department provides support and information to veterans and their families throughout Falmouth.

  9. Waste Management Facility

    The Waste Management Facility functions as a transfer station, everything that comes here must be sorted and stored for eventual disposal elsewhere.

  10. Wastewater Division

    Find information about the Wastewater Division.

  11. Water Department

    Preserving the quality of our source water and guarding against contamination are the Water Department's primary mission.

  12. Weights & Measures

    The Weights and Measures Division ensures all measuring devices for weight, volume, and linear measure meet legal requirements.

  13. Zoning Board of Appeals