Departments H - S

  1. Harbormaster

    The Harbormaster Division manages all of Falmouth's 14 harbors, 70 miles of coastline, and approximately 3,000 moorings.

  2. Health Department

    The Health Department aims to protect and promote public health in the Town of Falmouth.

  3. Highway Division

    The Highway Division is responsible for the maintenance of 218 miles of town accepted roads.

  4. Human Services

    The Human Services Department supports and empowers Falmouth residents and strengthens the community as a whole through advocacy, broad community participation and by ensuring access to a comprehensive range of services.

  5. Information Technology

    The Information Technology Department is responsible for providing maintenance, research, and development for all hardware and software technological efforts for all Town departments.

  6. Inspectional Services

    Find forms, applications, fees, and other information regarding building permits and inspections in the Town of Falmouth.

  7. Marine & Environmental Services

    The Marine and Environmental Services Department provides for the protection, preservation, and healthy function of the Town's natural resources and wildlife.

  8. Natural Resources

    The Natural Resources Division enforces rules and regulations of hunting and fishing in the Town, as well as preservation of marshlands, docks, wildlife, and other natural resources.

  9. Personnel Office

    The Personnel Office aims to recommend for hire and retain employees who will provide and support services to the public in the most productive, economical and user-friendly manner.

  10. Planning Department

    The Planning Board studies and makes recommendations on the long term growth of the Town. The Planning Board also reviews site plans and special permits under the zoning bylaw and subdivision plans under the Subdivision Control Law.

  11. Police Department

    The mission of the Police Department is to provide a high level of safety, security, and service for all members of the community.

  12. Recreation Department

    Get information about recreational opportunities through the Recreation Department.

  13. School Department

  14. Senior Center

    The Falmouth Council On Aging Senior Center functions as a human services organization for all residents of Falmouth who are at least 60 years old.

  15. Shellfish & Biological Services

    The Shellfish Division is responsible for the propagation and management of shellfisheries and herring runs in the Town of Falmouth.