CRRWG Library Listings


CRRWG Reference Library: A variety of publications, reports, maps, literature, video's of CRRWG meetings, and information from Town files on the Coonamessett River and cranberry leases resulting from the CRRWG meetings and other sources are located in the ConCom annex library. All materials are available to the public but must not be removed. However, the taped meetings are on VHS and can be checked out for 24 hours. Please be considerate of fellow library users and return promptly.

Note: All material located on metal book case located in reading room across from the Conservation Commission Office in the basement of Town Hall. Individual literature items below are marked within the ConCom library by labels with the corresponding letter. Updates will be listed on the wall above the bookshelf; the Town/Coonamessett River Restoration Working Group (CRRWG) website and the Coonamessett River Restoration Working Group will receive regular updates at each meeting. (M.K. Fox).

All articles submitted to the CRRWG during bimonthly meetings can be found in the 3-ring binder numbered #18. Presentations made to the CRRWG during meetings are in binder #38 along with CD versions. These presentations are also on the Web page for viewing if you have Power Point software. CRRWG Restoration Plans (11/1/04) are in binder #41.

Library has 5 main categories. These are:

1. Coonamessett River and Town-owned Bogs information (Top Shelf)
2. Wetland information (second self)
3. Restoration information (third/bottom shelf)
4. Hydrology (third/bottom shelf)
5. Funding (third/bottom shelf)

There are many more publications in the Wetland shelf, too many to list here that might not really pertain to our mission but might be of interest for reading. Only three-ring binders containing a conglomerate of related information has been numbered.

1. Falmouth Cranberry Bog References-Compiled by Paul Ketchem (White Folder)
2. Ellswork, S. and D. Schall. 1998. Page. 108-109.Wildlife Utilization and Ecological functions of three commercial cranberry wetland systems in Eastern Massachusetts In: Cranberry Production-A guide for Massachusetts. H.A. Sandler, ed. Umass Ext. Pul. No. 127. (Spiral-bound booklet)
3. Organic Cranberry Information
„« Proceeding from the third Organic Cranberry Growing Conference. H. Sandler and M.Weldon, 05/01. Cranberry Experiment Station, Umass Extension Services.
„« Organic Cranberries-Fact vs. Fiction 11/18/03). Fact sheet compiled by Bob and Kristine Keese, Plymouth Organic cranberry grower. (Submitted by CRPC)
4. Final Environmental Assessment: Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge. 1995. USFW Service (Submitted by J. Williams).
5. Funding options for the Coonamessett River Restoration Project
„« APagedenix J (from ?): Profiles of potential sources of restoration funding or technical assistance. Submitted by Wendi Buesseler 9/9/04
„« A guide for Massachusetts Landowners: Land Conservation Options. The Trustees of Reservations.1999.
„« Federal Agencies: Dept of Ag: Wetlands Reserve Program to receive $55.7 million. National Wetlands, Sept-Oct 2003.
„« NOAA offers Funding for Community Restoration Efforts. NOAA report March 12, 2001. Page 6
„« Mass. Dept of Environmental Management: 2001-2002 Recreational Trails Grants Program
„« Mass Dept of Environmental Protection: Section 604B Water Quality Management Planning Program, Indicative project summaries for FFY 1998-FFY 2001.
„« Mass Dept of Environmental Protection. Indicative Project Summaries, section 319 Nonpoint source competitive grants program FFY 1998-FFY 2002.
„« Mass Dept of Environmental Protection. Grant and Loan Programs: OPageortunities for watershed protection, planning and implementation. 2002.
„« National Fish and Wildlife Foundations ¡§Five-Star Restoration Matching Grants Program¡¨. (Email submitted by K. Lund 1/12/04)
6. Hydrology of Cape Cod and the Coonamessett River Watershed
„« Altitude and configuration of the water table, western cape cod aquifer, Massachusetts, March 1993. USGS Report 94-462 (submitted by J. Williams).
„« Cleaning up the MMR. Annual Report 2002. Progress in Falmouth. (Submitted by J. Williams).
„« Community guide to the installation restoration Program at the MMR. (submitted by J. Williams)
„« Delineation of Contributing areas to selected public-suPagely wells, Western Cape Cod, MA. USGS report 98-4237. (Submitted by J. Williams)
„« Delineation of ground-water recharge areas, western Cape Cod, MA. USGS WRIR 00-4000. (Submitted by J. Williams)
„« Diffusion and Drive-point sampling to detect ordnance-related compounds in Shallow Ground water beneath Snake Pond, Cape Cod, MA 2001-02. USGS report 03-4133 (submitted by J. Williams).
„« Geologic Map of Cape Cod and the Islands, MA. Oldale, R.N. and R. A. Barlow. 1986. USGS Map 1763. (Submitted by J. Williams)
„« Ground Water in Freshwater-Saltwater environments of the Atlantic Coast. USGS Circular 1262. (Submitted by J. Williams)
„« Ground Water and Surface Water: A single Resource USGS Circular 1139 (Submitted by ConCom)
„« Planning hydrology for constructed wetlands by G. Pierce (submitted by ConCom)
„« Results of the pumping test of the Coonamessett Water suPagely well, Falmouth, MA. 1996. MMR Technical Memorandum.
„« Understanding the Sagamore Lens: Focus on Groundwater Protection EPA Poster.
7. Coonamessett River Park Coalition Petition signatures (Red bound folder)
8. Cranberry BMPs. 2002. Umass Extension bulletin. (White 3-ring binder)
9. Past Lease agreement on Farley bog, Flax Pond bogs, Flax 1 bog, Flax 2 bog, Flax 3 bog and West Thompson Bogs, East Falmouth, Mass. and new 2004 Farley Bog License.
10. Falmouth Con Com-¡§Future use of Town-owned Cranberry bogs¡¨. Joint meetings of Falmouth Selectmen and ConCom-public meetings/workshops, Planning meetings, background material, correspondences, funding information, shellfish department correspondences/herring Run management, riparian buffer information, CRPC information, Childs River information, Cranberry BMPs, related newsletter articles. Spring/Summer 2003 (Black 3-ringed binder)
11. National Wetlands Newsletters 1989-1995 (White 3-ring binder)
12. National Wetlands Newsletters 1991-1992 (Blue 3-ring binder)
13. National Wetlands Newsletters 1995-1999 (Black 3-ring binder)
14. National Wetlands Newsletters 1995-1999 (Turquoise 3-ring binder)
15. Farming in Wetland Resource Areas: A guide to agriculture and the Mass. Wetlands Protection Act. 1994. Dept. of Environmental Protection, Dept of Food and Agriculture
16. Cranberry Chart Book 2003. Management guide for Massachusetts, Umass Extension and Agricultural experiment station
17. Summary of documents pertaining to Town of Falmouth Cranberry Bog Lease. 1985-2003
18. Literature submitted to the CRRWG
„« Agricultural information (Environmentally sustainable practices in Agriculture, Organic Farming, Community Farming (submitted by Deegan, L., 1/8/04)
„« Article 61, 1971. Article submitted for town vote to purchase the Coonamessett River Cranberry Bogs. (Submitted by ConCom)
„« Baevsky, Y.H. 1991. Physical and Water-quality Characteristics affecting trout-spawning Habitat in the Quashnet River, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. USGS Water-Resources Investigation Report 91-4045. Mashpee Water District, Marlborough, Massachusetts. (Submitted by M.K. Fox).
„« Bertness,M., B.R. Sillimand, and R.Jefferies 2004. Salt Marshes Under Seige. American Scientist. Jan-Feb 2004
„« Best Management Practices for Cranberry Growers with Anadromous Fish-Cape Cod Cranberry Growers¡¦ Association.Page1-4.
„« Best Management Principals for River Restoration. (submitted by Deegan, L., 1/8/04)
„« Boyd, L. 2001. Buffer Zones and Beyond. Wildlife use of wetland buffer zones and their protection under the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act. Wetland Conservation Professional Program, DNRC, University of Mass. (Submitted by J. Williams 2/12/04)
„« Brady, Phil. Letter to V. Valeila & CRRWG about articles requested by the group. Submitted 3/11/04
„« Cape Cod Watershed Management Workshop: Insights, Challenges, and OPageortunities. 2/4/04. (Submitted by ConCom)
„« Carlisle, B.K. 2/04. Letter to the Town of Falmouth that the Coonamessett River Restoration project has been excepted as a WRP priority project. (Letter submitted from Administrator R. Whritenour 2/12/04).
„« Coonamessett River: Brief update of site visit by Beth Schreier and Don Liptack on 6/14/04 with CRRWG working group members V. Valiela and J. Williams.

„« Coalition for Buzzards Bay: State of the Bay annual report 2003. (submitted 1/13/04 by P. Emslie)
„« Coonamessett River Bog Peat Depths. Results of core samples taken from the NRCS. Submitted to CRRWG 4/04.
„« Coonamessett River Hydrology Assessment Update Memorandum 6/23/04. Horsley Witten Group progress report.
„« Coonamessett River Restoration Working Group Status Report 2/26/04 (Submitted by J. Williams)
„« Coonamessett River Restoration Working Group Progress Report 7/9/04 (Submitted by J. Williams)
„« Coonamessett River Monitoring Wells, staff gages, surface monitoring sites. Submitted by Horsley Witten Group 4,22,04 to the CRRWG, (Hydrology Scope of Work submission)
„« Coonamessett River Park Coalition: Letter from C. Neill and W. Buesseler 9/9/04. Potential Wetland plant composition & survey of ten former bogs in UPageer Cape Cod region. Page9
„« Costa, Dr. J. E. Letter to Falmouth Town Administrator Mr. Robert Whritenour dated 12/30/03. Additional information to Dr. Costa's presentation Submitted to CRRWG 1/8/04 (V. Valiela)
„« Czech, H.A., K.C. Parsons. 2002. Agricultural Wetlands and Waterbirds: A Review. Waterbirds 25 (Special Publication 2): Page56-65. (Submitted by M.K.Fox).
„« Coots, R. 2003. Pesticide Reduction Evaluation for Cranberry Bog Drainage in the Grayland. Department of Ecology.
„« Davis, D. 1997. Assessment of Cranberry Bog Drainage Pesticide Contamination. Department of Ecology.
„« Deegan, L. 1/8/04. Agricultural Contact Information.
„« Department of Natural Resouces, Falmouth. Letter from Chuck Martinsen. Priorities for Restoration Projects, Sight visit with Don Swire. Oct 28, 2004
„« Desbonnet et al., 1994. Vegetated Buffers in the Coastal Zone: A summary review and bibliography. (Submitted by J. Williams 2/12/04)
„« Diodati, P.J. (Director of Marine Fisheries) May 10th, 2000 letter to Falmouth ConCom suPageorting a vegetated buffer strip along the CR and separating the river from bog operations.
„« Dumbauld, B.R., K.M. Brooks, M.H. Posey. 2001. Response of an Estuarine Benthic Community to APagelication of the Pesticide Carbaryl and Cultivation of Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) in Willapa Bay, Washington. Marine Pollution Bulletin. Volume 42, No. 10. Page 826-2001. (Submitted by M.K.Fox).
„« Emslie, Peggie (ConCom director). Coonamessett River Restoration: Permitting requirements under the Wetland Protection Act and Falmouth Wetland Bylaw.
„« Falmouth Conservation Commission 2000 Memorandum. Bog Subcommittee meeting minutes July 10, 2000
„« Fox, M.K. 2003. Coonamessett River Water Quality Summer Monitoring. Submitted to Falmouth Shellfish/Herring Warden September 22, 2003. Page5 (Submitted by M.K.Fox).
„« Fox, M.K. 2003. Coonamessett River Water Quality Information: Summary of Massachusetts Military Reservation Restoration Program monitoring Data and the State of Massachusetts Water Quality Policies and Regulations. Submitted to Falmouth Board of Selectmen March 11th, 2003. (Submitted by M.K. Fox).
„« Golder, J. 1998. Cape Cod¡¦s Brook Trout History: part one. ¡§On the Water¡¨ Magazine (submitted by W. Buesseler 1/8/04
„« Handy Cranberry Trust letter to CRWWG 4/22/04. Cape Cod Cranberry Grower¡¦s Association Grower Advisory; Definition of Agriculture[310 CMR 10.01]; Cranberry Institute Pesticide Chart.
„« Handy Cranberry Trust letter to CRWWG 9/9/04. Assorted additional attachments/correspondences sent with letter.
„« Herring History, rules and regulation: submitted by P. Montague 3/11/04 (2 packets of information)
„« Historical Description and Maps of the Coonamessett River, dating from 1795,1831,1841,1858,1880,1893,1941,1979. Annual Report on the Historical background for the CR watershed sent to the State (Submitted by A. Sears 2/12/04)
„« Howard, S. The History of Handy Cranberry Trust on Cape Cod. Submitted to CRRWG 1/8/04
„« In library under Funding issues: private and public funding for restoring rivers, watersheds and wetlands (submitted by Deegan, L., 1/22/04)
„« In library under Funding issues: National Marine Fisheries Service Community-based Restoration Program. (submitted by Deegan, L., 1/22/04)
„« Katuska, Charles J. Outline of submitted Scope of Services contracted under the Mas Office of Coastal Zone Management Wetland Restoration Program.
„« Keay, D. 2000. The History of the Quashnet River Valley. Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve. (Submitted by M.K. Fox).
„« Ketchum, Paul. Letter to Virginia Valiela (Selectmen and Chair CRRWG) about Town Herring Committee historical information and offer of suPageort.
„« Killingsworth Organic Cranberry Farm Presentation information: Current maintenance plan and other Maintenance Considerations
„« Kosa, J.T. and M.E. Mather. 2001. Processes Contributing to Variability in Regional Patterns of Juvenile River Herring Abundance across Small Coastal Systems. Transactions of the American Fisheries Society 130:600-617. (submitted by L. Deegan 1/22/04)
„« Liptack, D. Coonamessett River Bog Earthen Berm Proposal: Materials and Cost estimates option 1 and 2.
„« Living Waters: Guiding the protection of freshwater biodiversity in Massachusetts, 2003.Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive office of Environmental Affairs
„« Lund, Katie. Coonamessett River Working Group Restoration Principles. Draft January, 2004
„« Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management Wetlands Restoration Program (WRP) Project Nomination Form. Proposal submitted by town for WRP 12/22/03.
„« Montague, P. 2003. Falmouth Herring Run Management Plan. Summary of the Falmouth Shellfish Warden on management of the Herring Runs within Falmouth Rivers.
„« Murphy, Carey. Letter to the CRRWG about group¡¦s 4/26/04 presentation to the Board of Selectmen (BOS).
„« Natural Resources Conservation Service: Dike Conservation Practice standards. November 2002 publication.
„« Organic: Is it the future of farming? V. Gewla Batyrem vik 428 April 22, 2004 Page792-798.
„« Parsons, K.C., S. R. Schmidt, A.C. Matz. 2001. Regional Patterns of Wading Bird Productivity in Northeastern U.S. Estuaries. Waterbirds 24(3): 323-330. (Submitted by M.K.Fox).
„« Parsons, K.C., A.C. Matz, M.J. Hooper, M.A Pokras. 2000. Monitoring Wading Bird Exposure to Agricultural Chemicals Using Serum Cholinesterase Activity. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Volume 19, No. 5, Page.1317-1323. (Submitted by M.K. Fox).
„« Permit information from the US Army for alterations of river and wetland areas. (submitted by L. Deegan, 1/13/04)
„« Pesticide use and cranberry yields on the Coonamessett River, Falmouth, MA. Complied and submitted by W. Buesseler 1/22/04
„« ¡§Plunkett Reservoir Diagnostic and Feasibility Study¡¨ Hinsdale, Massachusetts. Eagar, J.A. 2003. ESS Group, Inc. 46Page. Case study of restoration plan. (Submitted by K. Lund)
„« Periodic Counts for estimating the Size of the Spawning Population of Alewives, Alosa pseudoharengus (Wilson)¡¨. Short Papers and Notes in Estuaries. Volume2, No. 2. June 1979.
„« Pesticides-Toxics Use Reduction Institute. PAN Pesticides Database on Sevin XLR, Pyrenone, Pronamide, Orthene, KERB.
„« Polloni, Pamela. OPageortunities for habitat restoration for wetland rare species in the Falmouth township. (Submitted to the CRRWG 3/31/04.
„« Protecting Town¡¦s ¡¥Earthly Possessions¡¦. Falmouth Enterprise, May 4th, 2004
„« ¡§River Corridor and Wetland Restoration-Principles for the ecological restoration of aquatic resources¡¨ 2002. EPA office of water (part of K. Lund presentation to CR Working Group (11/13/03). 7Page. (Submitted by K. Lund)
„« River Herring (Marine Recreational Fisheries of Mass.). University of Mass. Cooperative Extension, Mass Division of Marine Fisheries. (submitted 2/26/04 by M. Mathers)
„« Romano, Camille. Dry Pick on the LaSalle cranberry bog on the Coonamessett River-Fall 03.
„« Sanding techniques on the Coonamessett River Bogs
- Pictures of Winter sanding aPagelications (submitted by B. Handy 1/22/04)
- Pictures of Heavy sand on rivers edge on bogs (Submitted by J. Netto/ M.K. Fox 4/27/04)
„« Sandler, H. 1991. Factors affecting the Breakdown and movement of Pesticides in the soil.
„« Smith, Tim Wetlands Scientist. ¡§Proposal for Feasibility Study for Coonamessett River Restoration Assessment. Jorsley Witten Group (HW) Outline of Proposed Tasks¡¨.
„« Schwarzman, Beth. Letter to CRRWG professional view of the management of the Coonamessett River and it's value to the Town of Falmouth citizens.
„« Yako, L.A. M.E. Mather, and F. Juanes. 2002. Mechanisms for Migration of Anadromous Herring: An Ecological Basis for Effective Conservation. (submitted by L.Deegan 1/22/04)
„« USDA D. Liptack report and recommendations for the Coonamessett River and Flax Pond Bog berming and tailwater recovery pond project
„« Valiela, et al. 1997. Nitrogen Loading from Coastal Watersheds to receiving estuaries: New Methods and APagelications. Ecological APagelications, 7(2). Page 358-380.
„« Valiela, Virginia. Letter to CRRWG meeting 3/11/04.
„« Wilcox H.: Berming Statement for the Coonamessett River (submitted by email to CRRWG chair 1/22/04)
„« Wan, M.T., R. G. Watts, D. J. Moul. 1994. Impact of Chemigation on Selected Non-target Aquatic Organisms in Cranberry Bogs of British Columbia. Bull. Environ. Contam. Toxicol. 53: 828-835. (Submitted by M.K. Fox).
„« Wetlands Reserve Program: Restoring America¡¦s Wetlands pamphlet.
„« Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) Summary : Natural Resource Conservation Service and US Dept. Of Agriculture. (submitted by Deegan, L., 1/8/04)
„« Wetlands Reserve Program: Ranking Criteria. (Submitted by D. Liptack 3/11/04)
„« Williams, J. March 11th meeting submission. Letter ¡§Contact with Corps of Engineering on Permits for Moving, Berming, and Building Holding Ponds on the Coonamessett River Wetlands¡¨.
19. National Wetlands Newsletters 2002-2003 (White 3-ring binder)
20. National Wetlands Newsletters 2000-2001 (White 3-ring binder)
21. Wetlands, Characteristics and Boundaries, NRC, 1995
22. Non-tidal Wetlands Conservation and Management Plan report to EPA, State of Delaware
23. Designing Wetlands Preservation Programs for Local Governments, March 1992, Dept of Ecology, Washington State
24. Ecology of Red Maple Swamps in the Glaciated Northeast: A community profile. 1993. USFW Service (Submitted by P. Emslie).
25. Ashumet Plume Nitrogen Offset Program. Task 1 Report, 1999
26. Ashumet Plume Nitrogen Offset Program Proposal
27. Ashumet Plume Nitrogen Offset ProgramTask 5 & 6 Report
28. Ashumet Plume Nitrogen Offset Program- Report on Feasible Measures
29. Water Quality Analysis of Great, Green and Bournes Ponds, 1999
30. Stream Corridor Restoration 1998 with CD inside blue 3-ring binder
31. Management of Seasonally Flooded Impoundments for Wildlife. 1982. USFS Service publications 148. (Submitted by P. Emslie)
32. Streambank Protection Guidelines¡Kfor Landowners and Local Governments. 1983. US Army Corps. (Submitted by ConCom).
33. Ecological Restoration: The business of Restoration. 2002. Volume 20, #3,
34. Restoration Ecology: The Journal of the Society for Ecological Restoration. 2000.Volume8, # 3
35. Delaware Freshwater Wetlands: Restoration, creation, enhancement and compensation banking. 1992. State of Delaware DNR and Environmental Control, Division of water Resources. (Submitted by P. Emslie).
36. Student Research Projects (Paper and CD copies) on the Coonamessett River from the Ecosystems Center: PI Linda Deegan (Submitted by L. Deegan 3/11/04)
37. Montague, P. and M. Cooper, 2004. Water Control Structures on the Coonamessett River and Flax Pond Run. Pictures of 26 structures along the 5 miles of the Coonamessett River (5.2 structures/mile of river) and on Flax Pond Run there are 8 structures. (Blue, 3-ring binder (Submitted 2/12/04)
38. Presentation to the CRRWG 2003 - 2004 (hard copy and CD versions) (also on CRRWG website)
„h CRRWG Presentation to the Board of Selectmen 4/26/04. Virtual tour along the Coonamessett River: Issues and important information.
„h CRRWG Presentation July 9th, 2004: Special meeting with Regulators/Interested Agencies
„h CRRWG Questions and Discussion Topics for Regulators/Interested Agencies
„h CRRWG Presentation to the Board of Selectmen 8/30/04: Status report #2
„h Coonamessett River Park Coalition¡¦s (CRPC) 2/26/04 Presentation on ¡§Creating a Healthy River and Preserving Falmouth¡¦s Natural and Cultural Heritage.
„h Dick, Henry. 8/26/04. Presentation on ¡§Management Issues on Falmouth Conservation Lands with Special Reference to Bogs.
„h Falmouth Bog Preservation Group: Options for Coexistence for Cranberry Farming and the Coonamessett River. July 22, 2004
„h Handy Cranberry Trust. 1/8/2004 Presentation on ¡§Coonamessett River Herring Management Plan.
„h Handy Cranberry Trust. 5/13/04. Presentation on ¡§Insect [pesticide] Management on the Coonamessett River Cranberry Bogs
„h Horsley and Witten Group Draft Summary Report to the CRRWG July 8th
„h Hurley, Steve. 2/26/04 Presentation on ¡§the Fish and Fish Habitats of the Coonamessett River: Past, Present and Future.
„h LeBlanc, Denis. 1/22/2004 Presentation overheads. ¡§The Hydrology of Cape Cod Streams: Considerations for the Coonamessett River¡¨.
„h Liptack, Don. 2/26/04Presentation on ¡§Wetlands Reserve Program¡¨.
„h Lund, Katie. 11/13/03. ¡§Understanding Concepts of Resource Management Planning¡¨.
„h Mather, Martha. 2/26/04 presentation: ¡§Anadromous herring Conservation & Restoration: role of physical and biological factors in migration of juvenile river herring¡¨.
„h Martinsen, Chuck. Falmouth DNR. Fisheries Recommentations: Improving Habitat in the Coonamessett River. October 21st, 2004
„h Reddy, Christopher M. 6/24/04. How do we determine if pesticides are a problem in the Coonamessett River?
„h Sidderman, Ron. 1/22/04 ¡§Coonamessett River Discharge Measurements Jan 99-Feb 03¡¨

39. Belding, D.L. 1913. A Report upon the Alewife Fisheries of Massachusetts. (Submitted by P. Montague, Falmouth DNR 2/12/04).
40. Assorted publications:
-Tools for Watershed Protection: A workshop for Local Governments, a two-day short
course. The office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds. U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency, Washington DC (Submitted by P. Emslie)
-Summary of Corps of Engineers Programs and Authorities, March 2004. Submitted by
Wendi Buesseler 9/9/04
41. Coonamessett River Restoration Plan: Included in this binder is the Bog Preservation Group bog plans, the Coonamessett River Park Coalition plans, and letters about this plan from Falmouth Citizens. Table of Contents is included for easy reference.
42. Assorted publications from Washington State Department of Ecology
- 1994 Surface Water Sampling Report: Washington State Pesticide Monitoring Program
- 1995 Surface Water Sampling Report: Washington State Pesticide Monitoring Program
- Pesticide Reduction Evaluation for Cranberry Bog Drainage in the Grayland Area: Quality
Assurance Project Plan (6/2002)
- Pesticide Reduction Evaluation for Cranberry Bog Drainage in the Grayland Area (6/2003)
- Evaluation of Efforts to Reduce Pesticide Contamination in Cranberry Bog Drainage 9/2000
- Assessment of Cranberry Bog Drainage Pesticide Contamination: Results from Chemical
Analyses of Surface water, tissue, and sediment samples collected in 1996. 07/1997

In Hydrology Section:
- Rosgen, D. 2001. The Reference Reach-a Blueprint for Natural Channel Design
- Dutchman's Ditch Elevation Profile Map (submitted by P. Montague 1/28/04

VCR tapes of CRRWG meetings
-Feb 12, 2004 -June 10, 2004 -Aug 26, 2004
-Feb 26, 2004 -June 24,2004
-March 11, 2004 -July 8, 2004
-April 22, 2004 -July 22, 2004
-May 13, 2004 -Aug 12, 2004
-May 27, 2004 -Aug 14, 2004