Charter Review Committee


  • 1st and 3rd Monday of every month 3 pm to 5 pm
  • September's meetings will be on the 10th and 17th
  • Town Hall
    59 Town Hall Square
    Falmouth, MA 02540

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General Work and Schedule
of the Fourth Charter Review Committee

To Falmouth Citizens:
The Charter Review Committee is charged with examining the
provisions of the Falmouth Home Rule Charter and identifying areas in
which revision could result in a more effective and responsive framework for
local town government. (Please recognize that we are not empowered to
consider alternate types of government structure; that is a different process.)
The current Committee’s work will mark the fourth process since the
Charter became effective on January 1, 1991.
Our work will fall into 2 major phases:
1. In August through December, 2018, we are working to identify
questions relative to the current Charter. (Surveys and a public hearing
will be part of that process.)
2. In December through June, 2019, we will be deliberating about the
most significant of these ideas and generating proposed revisions to send
to the Board of Selectmen for their review and action. (These ideas move
to the 2019 fall town meeting for action and then to a public vote as ballot
questions in spring 2020.)
In this first phase we will be maintaining an “Evolving List of
Questions” (see the link below) to show the public what questions are being
raised by individuals or groups about the Charter. Each question has a code
referring to the specific segment(s) of the Charter. Be sure to look at that
Charter language on the Town’s website by following the link below.
Because any Charter amendment must eventually go to a ballot vote in
2020, only a relatively small number of ideas will move to final
Now, you are invited to comment on the listed questions as to their
relative importance or impact. Also, please feel free to cite other specific
sections of the Charter that you want us to look at. Email the committee at
When we move to the development of revised language, primarily in
early 2019, we will change the website material to show that progress.
Many thanks for your attention to this process.
Sincerely, Peter Clark, Chair, for the Committee