Boards & Committees P - Z

  1. Planning Board

    The Planning Board studies and makes recommendations on the long term growth of the Town. The Planning Board also reviews site plans and special permits under the zoning bylaw and subdivision plans under the Subdivision Control Law.

  2. Recreation Committee

  3. School Committee

    The mission of the Public Schools of Falmouth is to make decisions to fulfill the educational needs of children.

  4. Solid Waste Advisory Committee

    Get information about the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

  5. Substance Abuse Commission

    The mission of the Falmouth Substance Abuse Commission is to prevent substance abuse among Falmouth’s citizens, provide information and education to the community and to promote the development and availability of a continuum of substance abuse services for all Falmouth residents.

  6. Veterans' Council

    Council meetings normally held the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 4 p.m. in the Civil Defense Room (basement) of Town Hall.

  1. Waterways Committee

    The mission of the Waterways Committee is to protect, maintain, develop and improve the navigable waterways and public resources of the Town of Falmouth through transparent and environmentally sound means.

  2. Town Meeting Information & Resources

    The Town of Falmouth has a Representative Town Meeting form of government. It consists of 243 elected members elected in the Annual Town Election held the 3rd Tuesday in May and 1 at-large member.

  3. Traffic Advisory Committee

    The Traffic Advisory Committee is constituted as a Town Administrator appointed committee with those duties relating to identification and recommendation of actions with respect to use of motor vehicles, pedestrians, bus, bicyclists or other forms of transportation within the boundaries and ways of the Town of Falmouth.

  4. Water Quality Management Committee

    The Water Quality Management Committee is tasked with guiding and advancing solutions to the water quality issues that affect the Town's watersheds.

  5. Zoning Board of Appeals

    Find information about the Zoning Board of Appeals including meeting times and Board Member information.