Boards & Committees C - E

  1. Cable Advisory Committee

    The 5 member Cable Advisory Committee (FCAC) is appointed by the Board of Selectmen to ensure that the provisions of the town's cable television contract(s) are implemented.

  2. Charter Review Committee

    Changes recommended by the Charter Review Committee shall be the basis for action as deemed appropriate by the Board of Selectmen consistent with the provisions described in C9-10 preceding.

  3. Coastal Pond Management Committee

    The purpose of the Coastal Pond Management Committee is to evaluate each coastal pond separately and independently, taking into consideration all of the Town sanctioned activities that take place in the particular pond and to integrate these activities into a management plan that balances the preservation of natural resources and improved water quality with the public use of the resource.

  4. Coastal Resiliency Action Committee

    The purpose of this committee is to prepare action plans for submission to the Board of Selectmen to address the risks and hazards to coastal infrastructure and coastal properties that may be caused by coastal erosion, storms and sea level rise.

  5. Community Preservation

    The mission of the Community Preservation Committee is to consider projects and make recommendations to town meeting for appropriations which, first, preserve open space, provide affordable housing or historic preservation, and, second, benefit recreational opportunities.

  1. Commission on Disabilities

    The mission of the Commission on Disabilities for the Town of Falmouth shall be to work with and educate all stakeholders in the community in order to raise the awareness of all of the town’s residents and businesses as to the needs of persons with disabilities including physical, intellectual and developmental impairments.

  2. Conservation Commission

    The mission of the Falmouth Conservation Commission is to implement the goals of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (CMR 10.00) and the Falmouth Wetlands Regulations (Code of Falmouth chapter 235).

  3. Council on Aging Board

  4. Design Review Committee

    The Design Review Committee is an advisory committee to the Falmouth Planning Board, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Building Commissioner and the Board of Selectmen.

  5. Energy Committee

    Get information about the Energy Committee of Falmouth.