Boards & Committees A - B

  1. Affirmative Action

    Find information about the Equity / Affirmative Action Committee.

  2. Affordable Housing Committee

    The Affordable Housing Committee assists the Board of Selectmen in its efforts to provide a full range of housing choices for households of all incomes and ages.

  3. Agricultural Commission

    The Agricultural Commission represent the Town of Falmouth's agricultural community and interests.

  4. Beach Committee

  5. Bikeways Committee

    The Bikeways Committee supports and advises on the use of bicycles throughout the town for transportation and recreation.

  6. Board of Assessors

    Assessors, as required by Massachusetts law, value all the real and personal property within their community. They are responsible for valuing every property, from single-family residences to the largest of commercial and industrial enterprises.

  1. Board of Health

    The Board of Health works to protect and promote public health in the Town of Falmouth.

  2. Board of Library Trustees

  3. Board of Selectmen

    The Board of Selectmen is the chief executive and policy making body of the Town of Falmouth.

  4. Building Code Board of Appeals

  5. Building Committee

    The mission of the Building Committee is to assist departments or groups who wish to construct, alter, renovate or remodel buildings which will be using, in whole or in part, Town funds for the work.