About PDF Files

PDF or Portable Document Format files are used so that a form or document will look the same on everyone's computer.

If someone creates a document using 12 point Franklin Gothic font, it will display in that font, even on computers that don't have Franklin Gothic installed.

The format is more secure, too. Although not foolproof, documents can be protected from unauthorized changes.

PDF Readers

While most people view PDF files using Adobe Reader (download), other viewers such as Foxit Reader (download) are also popular.

PDF Troubleshooting

If you have difficulty opening PDF files, here's a few things to try:
  • Right click on the link, and choose "Save link as" and save the file on your computer. Then you can start your PDF viewer program and try opening the file directly.
  • Try using a different PDF viewer program. See list HERE.
  • Try a different web browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, or FireFox.