Water Department


Our mission is to provide the Town with safe, potable drinking water through careful management and operation of the existing sources of water, and through ongoing maintenance and operation of the distribution system.

Long Pond Water Treatment Plant

The Raw Water Pump Station and the Treatment Plant is physically complete.Department of Public Works Water Icon The treatment plant's systems are being optimized.  We are preparing the necessary documentation to request DEP approval to go to distribution in June 2017. 

TTHM Water Quality 

If you are concerned about the TTHM notices in 2016 , an activated carbon filter will remove most of the TTHMs from the water you drink.  The TTHM analysis from March 2017 shows that levels are below the maximum allowed level.  See the document tab to the right for a map of the most recent analysis 

Water Supply

Your water is supplied from several sources see the map to the right:
  • Long Pond  is a protected surface water reservoir it provided 836.3 million gallons of water in 2016, almost 48% of our water.
  • The Crooked Pond Water Filtration Plant treats water from both the Crooked Pond Well and the Coonamessett Wells and provided 381.2 million gallons of water in 2016 nearly 22% of our water.
  • Fresh Pond Well provided 230.6 million gallons of water in 2016 or roughly 13% of our water.
  • Mares Pond Well provided 71.4 million gallons of water in 2016 or roughly 4% of our water.
  • From the Upper Cape Regional Water Co-op the Town obtains water from wells located on the Mass Military Reservation. In 2016 the Town obtained 226.7 million gallons of water from this source or roughly 13% of the total supply.

Water Treatment

All sources are disinfected and treated to provide pH adjustment. Water is then delivered to you through our transmission and storage system, comprised of 370 miles of water main and 4 water storage tanks.