Water Department


Our mission is to provide the Town with safe, potable drinking water through careful management and operation of the existing sources of water, and through ongoing maintenance and operation of the distribution system.

2018 Town Wide Hydrant Flushing (05/02/18)

The current sequence for flushing is:
  • Neighborhoods in North Falmouth and West Falmouth
  • Walker Street and Shore Street to Main Street and side roads
  • Area bounded by Clinton, Scranton, and King Street up to Main.

Long Pond Water Treatment Plan (05/02/18)

On October 18, 2017 the Long Pond Water Treatment Plant began pumping water into the distribution system.  The plant takes water from Long Pond, removes the algae, ozonates the water, filters the water through activated carbon and disinfects it with sodium hypochlorite.   After six months of operation, exceeding all performance parameters, we continue to slowly reduce the amount of chlorine used for disinfection. going from the historical target of 2 mg/l to a current target of 1.4 mg/l.  As the system wide demand for disinfection is decreasing with the flow of pure water from the new plant in combination with the flushing program, we will continue to reduce the amount of chlorine we utilize.   

Irrigation and Conservation of Water (July 21, 17)

To conserve water please only irrigate on alternate days, on days it has not recently rained, and in the evening, at night or early in the morning.   Irrigation systems need to be properly maintained to avoid  waste of water due to leakage. 

Water Quality Notification (10/27/17)

In accordance with DEP regulations and guidance a notificatios was mailed to all customers regarding lead.  There was an exceedance of  acceptable lead levels at 4 of the 30 homes tested in July of 2017.  The lead is not from the source water, but is present in piping in older homes and may leach into the water if the water is stagnant for a long period of time.  For more detailed information open and read the documents on the right titled "Sampling for lead at your house's tap" and 2017 public education brochure - lead". 

Water Supply - 2017 Annual Statistics

Your water is supplied from several sources.  To see a map click on the document link for Water Resource Areas on the right side of this page.
  • Long Pond  is a protected surface water reservoir it provided 854.8 million gallons of water, almost 52% of our water.
  • The Crooked Pond Water Filtration Plant treats water from both the Crooked Pond Well and the Coonamessett Wells and provided 408.1 million gallons of water nearly 25% of our water.
  • Fresh Pond Well provided 68 million gallons of water, it was taken off line early in the year due to perchlorate being detected above the allowable level.  It provided roughly 4.2% of our water.
  • Mares Pond Well provided 107.8 million gallons of water or roughly 6.6% of our water.
  • From the Upper Cape Regional Water Co-op, the Town obtains water from wells located on the Mass Military Reservation. The Town obtained 195.4 million gallons of water from this source or roughly 12% of the total supply.

Water Treatment

All sources are disinfected and treated to provide pH adjustment. Water is then delivered to you through our transmission and storage system, comprised of 370 miles of water main, 4 water storage tanks and approximately 22,000 service connections.