Building Department Fees

Building Fees

Type Amount
New Commercial Building-Residential Dwelling
$8 per thousand - $50 Minimum
Alterations - additions, decks, porches, garages, sheds, gazebos, swimming pools, relocation of building on same lot, demolition, etc.
$8 per thousand - $50 Minimum
Alterations of less than $1,000 done by and occupied by homeowner
 No Fee 
Handicapped ramp on residential property
No Fee
Carnival, Concession, Fair
$50 per day
...One time ride fees
$10 per ride
Certificate of Use and Occupancy
Change of Use
Duplicate Permit
Photo Copies .05 per page
Sign Permit
$25 per sign
Stoves (wood, coal, pellet)
$50 per stove
Temporary Structure (trailer, tents, etc.)
$50 per unit
$25 to $45
After Hours and Weekend Inspection Fee
$225 Per Inspection

Electrical Fees

Type Amount
Residential New Construction $100 per unit
Residential Smoke, Fire, Burglar Alarm $50
Residential Alterations, Remodels, Additions $50
Residential Change of Service $50
Commercial New Building-Add Rooms Below $175
........Plus Rooms $25 per room
Commercial Additions, Alterations, Remodels $100
Commercial Service Change and Services Only $100
Commercial Meter $10 per meter
Commercial Fire and Burglar Alarm System $100
Generators $50
Swimming Pool $50
Temporary Service $50
Carnival, Concession and Fair $50
Annual Maintenance Fee $200
After Hours and Weekend Inspection Fee $225
Re-inspection Fee $50

Gas Fees

Type Amount
Residential 1st appliance $40
Residential additional appliances $10 each
Residential water heater replacement only (combo w/ plumbing) $40
Commercial 1st appliance $65
Commercial additional appliances $15 each
Commercial water heater replacement only $70
Carnival, Concession, Fair $50 per day
Re-inspection $50 
After hours and weekend inspections $225

Plumbing Fees

Type Amount
Residential 1st fixture $40
Residential additional fixture $10 each
Commercial 1st fixture $65
Commercial additional fixture $15
Re-inspection $50
Carnival, Concession, Fair $50 per day

Sheet Metal/Mechanical Fees

Type Amount
Residential $8 per thousand minimum of $75
Commercial $8 per thousand minimum of $150