Past Reports & Technical Memoranda

This web page contains reports that relate to the development of Falmouth's Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan for the South Coast Watersheds.

Needs Assessment Report

The Needs Assessment Report (PDF), completed in October 2007, is the 1st of 4 phases of the CWMP Project. This report provided the framework and background information for the next step in the analysis. It outlines Falmouth's wastewater planning history; defines the wastewater needs for the South Coast Watersheds; lists institutional and wastewater challenges; and lays out the next steps. Download a copy of the report.

Alternatives Screening Analysis Report

The Alternatives Screening Analysis Report (PDF): identifies and evaluates centralized and decentralized treatment technologies and solutions for the South Coast Watersheds. It describes these technologies and recommends preferred options that are grouped into alternative plans for detailed evaluation. Download a copy of the report.

Environmental Notification Form

The 1st 2 reports are quite lengthy and were summarized in an Environmental Notification Form (ENF) (PDF), which was submitted to state and regional regulatory agencies for public review in December 2007. The Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EOEEA) released the findings of its review in January 2008. Download a copy of the report.


The December 2009 Draft Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Report (DCWMP/DEIR) for Little Pond, Green Pond, Great Pond, Bournes Pond, Eel Pond and Waquoit Bay Watersheds describes the analysis and findings of the evaluations of the Alternative Wastewater Management Plans (scenarios). The Town added evaluations of additional options; to inform the community of these changes, the Town prepared a Notice of Project Change (NPC) along with the DCWMP/DEIR. See below for downloadable sections of this report.

Review of CWMP/DEIR

Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan Review Committee completes review of the Draft CWMP/DEIR. In February 2010, the Falmouth Board of Selectmen formed a Plan Review Committee to review the Draft Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Report (Draft CWMP/DEIR). The Committee requested additional information, and the Town's Consultant (Stearns and Wheler GHD) prepared the following Technical Memoranda (TM):
These Technical Memoranda were reviewed and approved by the Committee, and the Committee developed several documents as well as recommendations to the Board of Selectmen.