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Public Health Advisory - Additional positive EEE samples

Updated 8/15/19: There have been two additional positive EEE samples collected from a trap on Oyster Pond.  The samples were taken on Tuesday, 8/13/19, and were found in the bird-biting mosquito, Culiseta melanura, and the mammal-biting mosquito, Coquillettidia perturbens.  This area was included in the truck spraying that took place on 8/14/19.  The Cape Cod Mosquito Control Project is going to take additional samples now that the area has been sprayed, and will update the Falmouth Health Department as soon as those results are in.  Contact the Cape Cod Mosquito Control Project at (508)775-1510 or the Falmouth Health Department at (508)495-7485.  As always, we strongly recommend that residents use EPA-approved repellents and wear long sleeves and/or pants if tolerable to prevent mosquito bites.  

Coonamesset Pond advisory

On the Town of Falmouth November 2018 Warrant there was a petitioners article that passed to ban the use of polystyrene foam (a.k.a. Styrofoam) for use as a disposable food packaging. The article was approved by the Attorney General’s office on February 21st. The Falmouth Health Department was deemed the enforcement agency for this bylaw. Beginning September 82019, please cease using disposable Styrofoam-type single use containers. This includes coffee cups and take out containers. Items in original manufacturer’s containers or shipping that may have Styrofoam and/or other polystyrene foam pieces are exempt. Please contact our department if you have any questions.

150 yrs public health

Did you know that Paul Revere was the president of America's first Board of Health, established in 1799? And that the first use of smallpox vaccine in the Western Hemisphere was in Cambridge, MA in 1800? The Massachusetts Department of Public Health celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. To learn more about the history of public health in the Commonwealth, view the list of public health milestones or visit

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