Shellfish & Biological Services

The Shellfish Division is responsible for the propagation and management of shellfisheries and herring runs in the Town of Falmouth. They operate the Falmouth Inner Harbor propagation center as well as remote growing upwellers in Green Pond and West Falmouth Harbor.

Town Seeks Applicants for Aquaculture Licenses

One part of the Town’s comprehensive water quality management plan involves expanding aquaculture in Falmouth estuaries to remove excess nitrogen. The Town is now seeking applications from individuals or entities interested in obtaining a license for one of three half-acre sites in Eel River. The Town will select the most qualified applicant for each site based on a detailed set of evaluation criteria. The selected aquaculture growers will have the option to rent upweller space, work floats, shellfish bags and winter storage from the Town. Completed applications are due July 26th at 3:00pm.

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