Septage Receiving Hours, Hauler Requirements & Fees

There are 4 policies relating to septage haulers and 1 requirement relating to truck leakage.

Septage Hauler Requirements Policy, Dated January 2010 

  • After hours surcharge = $100/load
  • Septage fees:
    • October 1st through March 31st: $80/1,000 gallons
    • April 1st through September 30th: $95/1,000 gallons
  • Grease discharge requirements:
    • Follow posted rules for grease discharge, including notification of Wastewater Treatment Facility operator before discharge of grease, and no mixed grease/septage loads
  • Haulers to provide discharge hoses
  • Haulers must register at the plant and weigh in prior to first delivery
Septage Haulers Policy, Dated June 1993

  • Septage haulers must request and receive written authorization from the Wastewater Division prior to using the Wastewater Treatment Facility. Wastewater Division permit must be renewed when hauler gets a new truck.
  • Haulers must also make application for a Septage Haulers License from the Health Department. A copy of this license must be provided to the Wastewater Division office prior to discharging. Health Department Licenses must be renewed annually.

Out of Town Septage Policy, Dated July, 1986

  • Only septage generated within Town of Falmouth will be accepted for disposal
  • A Certificate of Origin must be provided for each load delivered

Overdue Septage Bills Policy, Dated January 1994

  • Septage bills must be paid within 30 days of billing
  • Failure to comply results in suspension of unloading privileges

Septage Truck Leakage Requirement

  • Leakage of trucks onto roadways will result in revocation of Septage Hauling and Discharge Permits