Little Pond Sewer Service Area (LPSSA) Project


  • Memorandum regarding grinder pumps and power outages
  • The entire Little Pond Sewer Service Area is now available for sewer connection.  Letter was mailed in April announcing the availability of sewers in the Maravista, Teaticket and abutting areas, and requesting that sewer connections in these areas be completed by April of 2018.
  • For the Falmouth Heights portion of the LPSSA, the deadline for connection to the sewer system was extended to May 31st, 2018. In November, a letter was sent to owners of property in the Falmouth Heights portion of the LPSSA providing notice of this deadline, and notice that they may be assessed a fine of $50 per day for every day after that.
  • No sewer connection may begin until all required permits are acquired. 
Project BackgroundLeveling Sewer Manhole Maravista Avenue
The goal of the Little Pond Sewer Service Area project is to improve water quality in Little Pond.  The project includes connection of approximately 1,400 properties on the Maravista peninsula and the eastern portion of Falmouth Heights to the existing Town sewer system, construction of approximately 16 miles of sewer pipe (gravity main, low pressure main, and force main), and construction of 2 new sewer lift stations, one at the end of Alphonse Street and 1 on Spring Bars Road.

Three other related projects have recently been completed:
  1. Upgrades to the Main Wastewater Treatment Plant at 154 Blacksmithshop Road
  2. Construction of 2 new treated wastewater recharge beds at the Town's Main Wastewater Treatment Plant
  3. Upgrades at the 3 existing wastewater lift stations affected by the Little Pond Sewer Service Area flow
These projects were funded by Town Meeting Article 28 in April 2014.

​Past Public Information Meetings

  • A public / property owner LPSSA project information meeting was held Wednesday May 3rd 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Morse Pond School, 323 Jones Road.
  • A public information meeting was held at Falmouth High School on Tuesday July 12th at 7 p.m. Review the Wastewater Superintendent's presentation (PDF) at that meeting.
  • The Falmouth Heights-Maravista Neighborhood Association organized an Information EXPO which occurred before the Town's Information Meeting from 4-7 p.m. A link to the full FCTV recording of the evening's presentations and a summary of the Info Session and Expo are found on the Falmouth Heights-Maravista Neighborhood Association Website.

​Additional Information

Tax Credit Information

  • Verification Letter (PDF) was mailed to all LPSSA Property owners in late October 2016, for use in applying for a Title V Tax Credit, if applicable
  • This Memo (PDF) provides some information about the letter and the Tax Credit; however, this is for general information only. Please Consult a Tax Advisor for individual applicability

  • An additional public (property owner) information meeting will be held Wednesday May 3rd 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Morse Pond School, 323 Jones Road in Falmouth.