Promoting Social Distancing

Board of Selectmen Cancels Town ’Special Events’ Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic - Updated April 30, 2020

The Board of Selectmen has cancelled Special Event permits that were issued for events taking place from May through August 31 of 2020 due to concerns about the spread of the Coronavirus. In their discussion, Board members acknowledged the difficulty of the decision given the importance of these events to the community and local businesses but determined that protecting public health must be the top priority. The Board vote does allow for event sponsors to re-apply if they are able to develop a plan that maintains social distance and complies with applicable state and local orders. A list of events that have been cancelled is available HERE.

Temporary Closure of Municipal Beach Parking Lots - April 1, 2020

Effective immediately, the Town of Falmouth is taking the proactive step of temporarily locking the existing gates on the Town’s municipal beach parking lots due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These parking lots have periodically become gathering places for some individuals who are not practicing the necessary social distancing to prevent the spread of this virus. As warmer weather arrives, this unfortunate trend is likely to accelerate with potentially disastrous results. This is not a closure of the Town’s public beaches at this time. Those who wish to responsibly walk the public beaches and maintain social distancing will be able to continue doing so but there is no need to park, gather and linger in groups which the parking lots appear to be encouraging. In the spirit of this decision, be advised that any occasions of illegal parking will be strictly enforced by the Police Department. The Town is continuing to monitor parks, marina, Bikeway and related public locations as well. All are reminded of the serious importance of respecting and maintaining responsible social distancing at all times and avoiding any gatherings of ten persons or more. Should further local actions need to be taken, we are prepared to do so. We thank all residents for their understanding and support of these necessary local actions in the prime interest of protecting the public health.

Beach & Park Social Distancing Signs - March 25, 2020

Beach - Posted Sign

Today our Public Works staff installed over 100 signs throughout the community as part of our effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The signs installed at playgrounds state that they are closed. The signs installed at beaches, parks and bikeway entrances ask those enjoying Falmouth’s many wonderful outdoor venues to maintain social distance and keep groups to ten persons or less. By following these simple guidelines, our beaches and parks can continue to serve as a refuge during these difficult times without compromising our health. Our thanks to our dedicated Public Works employees who installed the signs!

Covid - Goodwill Park Sign